DIY-SIG meeting

So what in the world does DIY-ATM SIG mean?

It stands for "Do-It-Yourself"

"Amateur Telescope Making"

"Special Interest Group"

Our SIG Objective:

To build, and help others build, telescopes,

accessories, or other Astronomy gear,

and including modifications of the same.

You don't need an expensive workshop to make some sort of Astronomy gear, whether that be a scope, electronics, or wood fixtures (such as a chair, box, binocular mount, or tripod shelf). Shown to the left, is a typical garage workhorse-bench and tools, with some examples. Of course, having a complete workshop couldn't hurt to have, especially with complex projects, but truthfully just basic power tools and know-how will work just fine in creating something that will complement your equipment. You may even find the experience to be a bit of fun while learning something in the process.