Guidelines for Public Viewing Sites


If you are planning to attend one of our public viewing sessions:

  • Groups larger than ten (10) should contact ASEM in advance so we can make sure we have enough telescopes to staff the event. Youth groups should make prior arrangements for badge requirements. (email:

  • The Astronomy Area at the park in open 24/7. Some of the telescope present may not belong ASEM or ASEM members and may not be participating in the public viewing event. Please ask the operators of the telescopes if they are participating in the public viewing before assuming you may use their scope.

  • The telescopes and other viewing equipment you will be using are personal property provided by volunteers and NOT public property. In most cases it is very expensive and difficult to repair or clean. Your use of the equipment is a privilege and not a right. Please treat the equipment with respect and care and comply with the operator's requests and instructions.

  • You may need to use a step stool to see an object high in the sky with a large telescope. Please do not use the telescope as a hand hold as you step up the stool. Doing so may cause the telescope to tip and break. At the very least, pulling on a telescope will pull it off the object and you will not be able to see anything through the eyepiece.

  • To prevent damage to equipment, please prevent children from handling equipment unless specifically asked.

  • Young children will probably have difficulty both looking through and understanding what is seen in an eyepiece. Asking them "Do you see it?" generally makes matters worse...they may not see it, but may be afraid to say so.

  • Keep your children under constant supervision. Make sure your children are safe, both in the observing area and the parking lot.

  • No running in the observing areas. Keep children under control, especially in the dark.

  • It's a county park, dogs must be leashed at all times. Do clean up after your pet.

  • Seating is limited. Bring folding chairs or spread a blanket out on the grass if you plan to stay a while.

  • As an outdoor activity, bugs and critters that live in the shrubbery are to be expected. If you use bug spray, please put it on outside the viewing area. These Sprays contain oils, and other byproducts that can be harmful to the optics on our scopes.

  • This activity is done in the dark and red flashlights are welcome. Please refrain from using white light flashlights, bright cell phones, and camera flashes since they will destroy the night vision of others present.

  • Please, no smoking inside the telescope area.

  • Please use your parking lights when you enter and exit the parking lot to preserve the night vision for the remaining guests.

  • The park has public rest rooms, with no lights or running water.