Astronomical League Awards

Astro League Awards

ASEM is proud to acknowledge the various Astronomical League observing club awards that our members have achieved. Details of the requirements of these awards can be found at or by clicking on the club name in the list below. Members who work on these club lists learn to observe and report the details appreciated by astronomers everywhere for these objects. Without records of your observations, did you really see it? Not a big step from keeping a journal of your observations to keeping one that meets A.L. club requirements. Drawings are necessary on some, but not most, of these clubs. There are plenty of sources online (pictures, observing reports, etc.) to confirm your own observations as well.

Observing clubs highlighted in yellow are required for Master Observer and five additional clubs are needed. The symbol # followed by a number is the Astronomical League certificate number for the particular award.

For JT's presentation from the June 11, 2011 meeting, use this link or this one. For SB's update from the January 10, 2015 meeting use this link.