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These are some apps that have been tested on Android devices.

Google Sky Map  Free, showy app that is sure to please beginners (and folks who like to help beginners).  Uses the sensors in the device to recognize where it is pointing and will show what objects are in that part of the sky - day or night, above or below the horizon.  Can be zoomed to show more detail (but harder to hold steady when zoomed).  Jim Roe

EphemDroid There is a free version but the "pro" version only costs about $1.77 (it is priced in euros).  Gives up to minute information about Solar system objects (location, rise/set times, distance, etc).  Jupiter section has GRS info and Moons.  Has direct links to Wikipedia articles about the object.  I like it.  Jim Roe

 Main Window Showing Solar System objects (scroll down to see the rest) Example of detail for Jupiter Example of detail for Jupiter's Moons and events

Iridium Flare Forecast  Free.   Uses your location as determined by the devices capabilities to show what Iridium flares and ISS passages are visible.  Jim Roe

Clear Sky Clock  Free.  Well know clear sky clock.  Allows you to select existing clear sky clocks, below screen shot shows Broemmelsiek Park CS Clock.  Jim Roe

Sidereal Clock  Free - Shows UTC and Local Mean Sidereal times.  Jim Roe

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)  Free.  Sets APOD as your wall paper.  Info on picture is available, too.  Jim Roe

PDF Viewer  Free.  Useful to keep and view various "home made" files with pertinent info.  Attached below is a file with distances to various objects.  Jim Roe

 Example of file attached below.

SkEye  Free.  Somewhat like Google Sky Map but also is designed to function as a push-to when mounted on a telescope.  Still in development and it may not load from the Verizon Market, but can be installed from memory.   Like the SkyScout, metal may hinder reception.  The developer is willing to work with you to get things running.  See for direct download and documentation.  Steve Boerner 

I spent some time with this App figuring it to be a real boon to Dob owners everywhere - IF it works.  I does not work on a metal (steel) tube - messes  up the compass.  I tried it attached to the LX-200 (with a bungee cord) which has a phenolic or some such tube.  It didn't appear to be accurate enough to really be any good.  That could be my particular smart phone (HTC MyTouch Android), not enough time playing with it or the App needs more work.  Jim Roe

Save Webpage by Moment Development Free.  Will save an entire web page, even images and links, and convert the links so they can be accessed in your phone when off line.  I used it, for example, to save a web page (completely formatted) containing a list of the 200 best double stars.  Jim Roe

Cool Reader Free.  Used to read web pages downloaded with Save Webpage.

Jim Roe

James Roe,
Feb 6, 2011, 9:02 AM