Smart Phone Apps

These days smart phones, pad computers, etc. that connect to the Internet directly have become popular and useful - especially for amateur astronomers who can often use readily available tidbits of information while conducting outreach activities.  Some examples include:  what is that bright star up there (sky map programs)?, where is Jupiter's Great Red Spot - right now?, how are Jupiter's (Saturn's)  moons currently aligned?,  when does the Moon rise?, how far away is M??, and so on.  We have often used prepared paper notes for events of interest on any given evening, but apps are more 21st century.

There are, of course, different devices on the market, each with its own unique requirements but we can separate recommended (or not recommended) apps into their respective categories for the benefit of all who would be interested.  There are sub-pages below for these distinctions but more can be added as needed.

Jim Roe
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