Wright City Elementary East - 11/9/2011

posted Nov 9, 2011, 9:09 PM by Jim Twellman
This event was set up by Bill Gatewood of Wright City.  It was coordinated thru the Wright City School District, and supported also by the local Masons.  The evening was a little cold, around 45 degrees at sunset.  Not bad for us, but often a deterrent for elementary kids or their parents.  It was definitely "late" by historical dates of Astro Outreach "road shows".

Bill had gotten local media attention, and it was well promoted.  Despite the temps, the skies were beautiful and we had at least 60 attendees.  Over 50 of them came early to listen to the introductory presentation given in the school cafeteria, that Bill had prepared.  That presentation started at 6:30 and marked the official beginning.  Some of us had scopes set up earlier, since sunset now is 5pm.  A short handful came by for an early treat.  The crowd here was mostly elementary school parents and their children.

In addition to Bill Gatewood's scopes and mine, scopes were manned by Chuck Simms and Jerry Kelley.  We entertained views thru scopes of Jupiter, the nearly full Moon, M15 globular, M57 Ring Nebula, and other items.

Our efforts were well appreciated, and Bill is considering a Spring effort here as well. I noticed several very interested and well-informed kids whose parents knew of their child's passion for this.  That alone made it worth my time.  My only regret was that very bright nearly full moon that we had shining over us tonight!  Good for a public event, just hard and less rewarding to look at dimmer deep-space objects  I invited all of them to our Friday Night Open House events, so maybe we'll see some of them in the near future at Broemmelsiek Park.

Jim Twellman