Spencer Road Library - "Here, There, Everywhere. The Bending of Light."

posted Apr 30, 2015, 6:31 PM by Jim Twellman
Chuck Simms and I put a special program together by request of the St Charles County Library District.  It ran from 7pm until 9pm at the Spencer Road Branch.  The first hour was a 30 slide PowerPoint program built around the title of the program, showing both natural refraction and man-made refraction, and telescopes in general.  Part of this highlighted ASEM, Broemmelsiek Park, and the upcoming Library telescopes (one of which was front and center). 

The second half of the program (after it got dark) were views thru telescopes.  Chuck had his 10" dob and I had my 8" SCT.  We gave them views of the gibbous moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the double star Castro.  Thirty-seven people attended and they were very appreciative. 

Jim T.