Saeger Middle School - November 9, 2010

posted Nov 10, 2010, 6:53 PM by Tom Richards
Tom Richards, Marv Stewart, Mark Shea, and John Sgouros brought out their personal telescopes (all newtonian/dobsonian types, ranging from 8 to 13 inch in aperture), along with teacher Pat Zeitz's Orion XT8, to the tennis courts just north of the school, for a star party that began at 7PM.  Despite lights from the adjacent school complex parking lot and light clouds passing over from the south, some 50 students and 12 adults were treated to several objects, including a (setting) crescent Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, the Double Cluster, NGC457 Owl Cluster, the M57 Ring Nebula, Albireo, and M31. The students enjoyed the program, that lasted just over an hour, and fliers of ASEM and Broemmelsiek Park were handed out; we expect a few new guests will be visiting the Astronomy complex at the park in the future.

John Sgouros