Broemmelsiek Open House Events - 2011

posted Jan 30, 2011, 8:38 AM by James Roe
28 January 2011

The skies were reasonably decent after weeks of inclement weather for the first open house of 2011.  Some 18 folks showed up to get their photon deprivation syndrome eased.  Jupiter was still high enough in the early evening but Orion captured the most attention.  We also enjoyed the "Winter globular," M79.

Winter time fun in the dark

11 February 2011

Only two people showed up.  It was cold, windy and partly cloudy.

18 February 2011

Estimated 32 people showed up even though there was a full Moon.  Some were taking pictures.

11 March 2011

30 people showed up.  Clouds formed early but cleared up enough by 8:00 pm to show them the Orion Nebula and the Moon.  By 9:00 pm Saturn peeked over the East wall of the observatory enough to get a quick look.

18 March 2011

22 People showed up.

1 April 2011

18 people showed up.

8 April 2011

22 People showed up.

29 April 2011

49 people showed up.