Progress South Elementary #1 - Monday Sept 28, 2009

posted Sep 29, 2009, 3:57 PM by Jim Twellman
The weather for this event was clear with a nice taste of autumn.  Marv Stewart (8" dob), John Sgouros (14.5" dob) and myself (8" SCT) brought three scopes and entertained approximately 100 students, camp counselors, and teachers at Camp Derricote CRSP.  Our program began around 7:30 and finished shortly after 9:00.  Campers were shown the moon, Jupiter, and the globular star cluster M22.   A few stragglers got to see M31 (Andromeda galaxy) before the show ended.  The crowd was well-behaved and most told me that it was their first view of Jupiter with their own eyes. 

Jim Twellman