Progress South #1 - Camp Derricote 10-4-2010

posted Oct 6, 2010, 7:47 PM by Jim Twellman
There were four telescopes set up by Jim Twellman, Marv Stewart, Tom Richards
and John Sgouros. Four classes of fifth graders got to see M13, Jupiter,
Albireo, M31, and Comet 103P Hartley. It was chilly but clear. The dew fell hard
and this camp does not have the good horizons but everyone had a good time. We
left around 10:00 pm.
John S.
This camp had about 100 fifth graders, plus counselors and teachers, for a total count
of around 110.  The "show" started around 7:40 pm.   The dew was not a problem until
just as we were finishing around 9:40 pm.  The kids were pretty good at this camp and
we got lots of "Thank You's" to go with the "Wow"s.
Jim T.