Parks Leadership Training - Klondike Park 9-19-2012

posted Sep 20, 2012, 4:17 AM by Jim Twellman
This event was handled by Dave Lloyd, Marv Stewart, and myself.  Dave Lloyd brought the club's 14" StarMaster dob,  Marv had his 8" dob, and I wielded my 8" SCT.  The group of 30 were still in meetings (with dinner) when we arrived and set up.  They came out around 8:30pm and hung out and talked astronomy and looked thru the 3 scopes until 10pm.  We showed them the Moon, Albireo, M57 (Ring nebula), M8 (Lagoon nebula), M13 (Glob) M22 (Glob), M27 (Dumbbell neb), M31 (Andromeda galaxy), and the Veil supernova remnant, among others.

We had set up on the Northeast end of the conference center, staff parking lot.  They managed to shut off the parking lot lights for us, which helped tons. 

This was a small group, but it was for our friends at St Charles County Parks, and we were very glad to provide the evenings' entertainment.  We were offered (and accepted!) some of the food and drink that was available.  The event was friendly, educated, and (of course) appreciated.

Jim T
Dave with the StarMaster