Mount Hope Elementary - 9/30/13

posted Oct 1, 2013, 10:35 AM by Jim Twellman
John Sgouros, Marv Stewart, and myself set up at Camp Derricotte shortly after sundown.  The first wave of campers came to us on-schedule at 7:30pm.  With our 3 scopes we showed them M22, M13, M27, M31, Albireo, and the Owl Cluster, over the course of the evening.  Four waves total came thru at about 30 minute intervals, for an estimated total of 110 campers, counselors, and teachers.  Sky conditions were really good at the start of the evening, but some streaks of upper atmosphere cirrus clouds (or vapor trails?) hung around motionless, criss-crossing the sky by the time we finished shortly after 9:35pm.  These did not harm telescope views, but they sure took the wow out of the Milky Way.

The kids were well-behaved.  The temperatures were moderate, and the mosquitoes were much less prolific than they had been at Cuivre's campground (Beach area) just 3 nights prior.  Many groups gave a coordinated "thank-you" as they moved on.  Our volunteers feed on the frequent exclamations ("ooh", "ahh!", "Wow!", etc.) uttered by the kids when they first spot the targeted object in the eyepiece.  Many kids took "a long drink" at the eyepiece, and we informed them and their teachers that we provide these views every clear Friday night at Broemmelsiek Park.