Lewis & Clark Elementary - Cuivre River State Park - September 13, 2010

posted Sep 14, 2010, 6:53 PM by Jim Twellman
Last night John Furlong and I set up at Camp Derricotte for the Lewis and Clark
5th graders. John had the 100x25 binocs and I took my Coulter 13.1" Dob and WO
110mm APO refractor. The first group of kids came out at 7:30 and looked at the
Moon. They were treated to the ISS. I looked for the IR flare but never saw it.
Venus was in the trees by the time we were set up and Jupiter never climbed
above the trees. The second and third groups got to see Albireo and M22 in
addition to the Moon. In total we had about 110 kids and supervisors. Clouds
crept in shortly before 9:00 and we were packed up and gone by 9:20.

John Sgouros