Lewis & Clark Elementary - Cuivre River State Park - October 9, 2017

posted Oct 10, 2017, 6:13 AM by Jim Twellman
About 100 kids plus teachers and counselors were entertained at Camp Sherwood.  A few clouds threatened occasionally, and distant 'heat lightning' seen in the south.  A good amount of dew for awhile, but overall a really good viewing night.  We got started at 7pm, which was a little early and provided only Saturn in all 4 scopes for nearly 30 minutes.  We enjoyed a pass of the ISS at 7:35, and a decent Iridium Flare at 8:02.  By then the Milky Way was gorgeous!  The Andromeda galaxy was about 40* up and could be seen naked eye.  Stacey Thater brought a 6" Newtonian and a 4" Maksutov.  I had my 8" SCT and the Nolan 12" dob.  In addition to Saturn, we showed Mizar, Albireo, Messier 22, M13, M31 and a few others.  Plenty of oohs and ahhs.  We lost Saturn to the trees before the last two classes came out. We finished just after 9PM and enjoyed a few more views before we left.  I was surprised to see color in M27 in Stacey's 6", very cool.  I was home by 10pm.

Folks were often reminded that we do this (for free) every clear Friday night at Broemmelsiek Park.

Jim Twellman