Lewis & Clark Elementary - 9/12/11

posted Sep 13, 2011, 8:32 AM by Jim Twellman
We had very good weather, but had a full moon for this event.   Approximately 100 fourth-graders plus teachers and counselors for a total of 130 estimated.  Marv Stewart, Jerry Kelly and myself manned 3 scopes, showing mostly the Moon, the double star Albireo, and globular cluster Messier 13.  Counselors came out later (while the kids were going to bed) and got to see Jupiter, along with double star Ras Algethi, the Ring Nebula (M57), the Dumbbell nebula (M27), the Wild Duck Cluster (M11), and Mizar among other things.

We tried but did not see the fly-by of the X-37B as well as an Iridium Flare as predicted by Heavens-above for Troy.  We managed to avoid a third strike when we caught the Hubble Space Telescope skirting the trees only 10 degrees up in the South.  The kids were hurriedly scurrying following it while it ducked thru the treetops.  Quite a few did not know what the Hubble Space Telescope was, but then again they were just 4th graders.

We started out around 7:50 and finished around 10:20pm.   The campers were very appreciative and were well behaved.