Klondike Park - Family Camp Out - Sept 12, 2009

posted Sep 13, 2009, 10:17 AM by Jim Twellman

Approximately 55 campers attended this telescope event at Klondike.  Four telescopes were provided by John Sgouros, Cook Feldman, Joe McHugh, and myself.   Most guests viewed objects from around 8:15 to around 9:30.

Views of Jupiter, M13, M27, M31/32, Albireo, and other objects were shown.   The crowd was about 80% families with small children, and about 20% teenagers, and all were well-behaved.  The weather was not very accommodating.  The cirrus clouds were abundant, never blocking the views but compromising them a lot.  The seeing was very steady, and views of Jupiter often yielded great detail - multiple bands and color not often seen.

In-between the kids and the teen showings we managed to catch a nice view of the Veil nebula and comet Christensen, as both were in the somewhat friendly area around the zenith.  Nothing below 45 degrees of the zenith was really worth looking at. The cirrus clouds did not dissipate, and we packed up and left around 10:30.

Jim Twellman