Fairmount Elementary - Feb 27, 2014

posted Feb 27, 2014, 8:13 PM by Jim Twellman
This was the back-up date for this years' event.  The weather tonight was cold, in the upper 20's, but with very little wind.  David Lloyd, Marc Arnold and myself provided three scopes.  There were over 200 in attendance, and the people came to the scopes in small groups - which was good.  The event went from 6pm to 8pm, but it was not yet dark by 6pm.  Around 6:15 it was dark enough to show Jupiter, and the seeing for it was good and got better later on.  David also showed M42 and the Pleiades.  Some of us observed Io as it disappeared behind the limb of Jupiter.

Some constellations were pointed out when asked.  Many kiddos and adults pointed out Orion's belt and the 7 Sisters.  Some of the adults were interested in the telescopes as well.  Folks who needed help with their own scopes were directed to our website, and to the Beginner's meetings.  We repeatedly mentioned the Friday Nights at Broemmelsiek, and that Saturn will be shown there in the Spring months.  All in all, some very intelligent young people as well as their parents.  We were glad that the weather, as cold as it was, allowed this event to be successful.

Jim Twellman