Fairmont Elementary School - Jan 8, 2013

posted Jan 19, 2013, 6:11 PM by Jim Twellman

[The weather was warm, but the clouds rolled in on this event - JT.]

Great night! 

The kids were excited just to see the telescopes and your members did a nice job talking to them about the parts etc.  We took a couple if pics, but the teacher left her camera at home today.  I will send them to you as soon as I get them.

I also sent out a thank you email to parents with an invitation to your next public viewing.  Hopefully, you will see some of our kids!

Thank you so much for helping us out!  We learned a lot this first time, so next time we will be more prepared.

Dave Gentili

As the guys probably told you, we were completely clouded out after about 30 minutes.  We told a lot of people about Friday evenings at BPO and let them know about asemonline.org.

I had brought my 10" Dob.  So I spent the remaining time at the school showing people their beautiful faces in a 10" mirror with red light.  This seemed to please people.

David is a part-time staff with the St. Louis franchise of the Challenger Center.  It might be good for ASEM to get to know these folks.  Their focus is on school-age kids and classroom activities.

Amy White


A quick report...

I got to the school about 5:30 pm and Amy was already set up in the SE corner of the lot.  John and Stacey were there by 6.  People started to arrive about 5:45 pm in twilight and got views of Jupiter.   You could see clouds in the west and the kept getting closer and closer.  We were able to align with Capella and Aldebran.  John (I think) and I managed to get M45 in our scopes. Eventually M45 clouded out and I guessed correctly that M38 would be possible.  After about 5 minutes it was gone too.  We were pretty much done by 6:30 pm.

We kept on pushing ASEM, FNOHs, Beginner Meetings for the rest of the night.  Stacey  & John were gone by 7:15pm and Amy & I by 7:45.

Amy & I guessed that there were around 200 kids and parents. I'm going with that number for the count unless you want to get a number from the school contact.

Everyone was very complimentary & expressed thanks for us coming.

Steve Boerner