DuBray Middle School - April 20, 2012

posted Apr 22, 2012, 7:38 PM by Jim Twellman
This was the second year that we were invited to present at this school's Earth Day event.

Unfortunately, clouds and threats of thundershowers forced us inside for this daytime event.  Stacey Thater, Marv Stewart, and myself quickly put together an indoor presentation.  Marv brought the club's Lunt Ha solar scope for show-n-tell to small groups while Stacey and I presented to the large group. Stacey's presentation was from his I-Pad and he showed information from the new STEREO solar satellite observatories, as well as planetary comparisons of Mars (too cold), Venus (too hot), and earth (just right).  Stacey gave insights on global warming and the concerns from scientists.  I presented some Powerpoint slides from IDA on Light Pollution, photo views of the sun thru white-light and Ha filters, and upcoming events with ASEM (partial solar eclipse on May 20 and Transit of Venus on June 5).

Our presentations were repeated with 4 sets of students, at about 50+ each (estimated total 220), from 1pm to 3:15pm.

Jim Twellman