Discovery Ridge Elementary : 9-20-13

posted Sep 21, 2013, 5:37 PM by Jim Twellman
A very cloudy day once again at Discovery Ridge Elementary.  We started out inside as ther was some risk of lightning to start the day.  After the first hour we moved outside.  Even if we could not see the Sun, outside is always more fun!

Eddie Agha and Steve Boerner brought Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) scopes, while Marv Stewart handled the solar charts, pictures, and diagrams.  I brought my 8" SCT and had the kiddos look thru it at the tops of telephone poles!  It was training for some who had no prior experience looking thru a telescope.

We started at 9AM and got a couple of breaks, ending at 2:30PM that afternoon.  Over the course of 3.5 hours with the kids we provided education and entertainment for over 220 kids and staff.  They learned how telescopes work, factoids about the nearest star (our Sun), and other tidbits of astronomical science.

Unfortunately, the cloudy skies continued into the night.  Many of our guests from DRE came out to Broemmelsiek Park that night anyway, and we invited them to come back to Broemmelsiek Park on the next clear Friday night, or any Friday night for that matter.  Hopefully we'll get better weather next year for Discovery Days.

(Wentzville School District photo)

DRE kiddos hamming it up at Marv's "Solar Table".

Inside the school at the start.  Telescope views of nearby artwork
of Mars and Jupiter at the other end of the hallway.

Below:  Outside, under the eaves, protected from an occasional drizzle.