Discovery Ridge Elementary - 9/22/2011

posted Sep 22, 2011, 4:15 PM by Jim Twellman
Clouds were thick throughout the day of this event.   We had 2 scopes fitted with white light filters plus the Lunt Hydrogen Alpha solar scope.  Once we set up, we took the white-light filters off the two other scopes and lined them up to look at tree tops!
We had a poster, showing printout views of a Hydrogen-Alpha filtered scope showing solar prominences, as well as shots showing white-light filtration revealing sun spots, plus an occasional transit shot of Venus and Mercury.  
They listened as we told them how far away the sun is, what it is made of, and how it makes heat and light.  We also told them other factoids about our sun, and we allowed them to look thru two scopes (at trees) so that they could be more familiar with viewing thru the eyepiece when they come to Broemmelsiek Park for tomorrow night's "Friday Night Open House".
Richard Kamp, Paul Lineberry, Marvin Stewart, and myself handled this event.  We served approximately 220 people (11 classes of about 20 or more each) from 9AM until 1PM.  The kids and teachers were well behaved and were happy that we came and did our "show" despite the cloud-out.
The kids were polled and I believe that a significant number of them (greater than half) will be at Broemmelsiek Park tomorrow night.

Jim Twellman
Marv showing the kids the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn behind the clouds via his cellphone.

Jim, Paul, and Marv giving "sun facts".  
Learning to see thru an eyepiece, looking at tree tops!