"Discovery Days" - Oct 6, 2017

posted Oct 7, 2017, 11:57 AM by Jim Twellman
For arguably the 5th year in a row, "Discovery Days" was clouded out.  Discovery Elementary has been expanded twice since we started supporting this event, and now several classes double up on us.  At one time, 3 ASEM members handled this nicely.  We had 5 members supporting this event this year and I don't think we'd have wanted any less - indoors anyway.   We set up at the end of a hallway, near a door where we could unload.  Unfortunately, it was also the parent drop-off driveway, so we had to wait until that cleared (which wasn't long enough until start-up).

For indoors presentations we had earth and moon globes, Educational Solar science banners from NASA,  telescopes and binoculars to look thru, a PST to look at, and computer map simulator of the earth in space.  Volunteers for this event were Eddie Agha, Amy White, Marv Stewart, Mike Pusatera, and myself.  Mike's two kiddos were among those who came thru.  Sixteen classes of 3rd thru 5th graders were served.  Approximately 25 students each (plus teachers), came thru for a total of 400.

This is a great annual event, but is always disappointing for us not to be able to go outside and observe the REAL sun.  Maybe next year?
-- Jim Twellman

Mike and Eddie's two stations