Dardenne Prairie Elementary - October 2nd 2017

posted Oct 2, 2017, 8:45 PM by Jim Twellman
David Lloyd and I were at Camp Cuivre last night with Dardenne Prairie Elementary - About 75 people (57 students, plus teachers and counselors) looked thru scopes and binos at Camp Cuivre.  David  and I provided views of the Moon, Globular Cluster Messier 22 in Sagittarius, Globular Cluster Messier 13 in Hercules, the double star Mizar, and Saturn.   Equipment provided included 25x100 binos, 8" SCT, and the Nolan 12" dob.  The kids came out girls first, then the boys later.  They were well behaved and it was super cool to hear the "wow's", "cool's", and "oooh's" that we heard tonight.  I drafted a teacher to man my 8" SCT which was tracking Saturn very well at 145x.  The support and interest of the teachers was great.

The weather was just about perfect.  Unseasonably warm for October, but a nice breeze (which occasionally rocked the image of Saturn in the 8").  Very clear and very enjoyable.

Jim T