Dardenne Elementary - Camp Cuivre - October 10, 2016

posted Oct 11, 2016, 6:07 AM by Jim Twellman
The skies cleared fairly nicely last night at Cuivre, with the sky mostly clear and fairly steady by 7:30pm.  I'd say about 10% clouds or maybe less. Over 80 participants enjoyed views of the moon, Saturn, Mars, M13, Albireo, and M31.  Lot's of "wow"s and a thankful crowd. Possibly equally thankful that the weather cleared and they didn't have to do square dancing "again".... I enlisted a pair of teachers to man the 8" SCT, which mostly tracked Saturn.  Their first view of Saturn was pretty joyful! 

Some kids, at the end of their nights' viewing, wanted to see the moon.  I obliged by giving them the 16" at 60x and they were laughing at how light-blinded they were in that eye when they left the telescope.  Cute!

Camp Cuivre is the only site that we can't drive real close to the observing area, having a nice ditch between the road and the ball field.  A little more challenging every year to tote stuff 40 yards, especially back at the end of the night and climbing the ditch in the dark at the point of loading.  Glad to have it all packed and ready again for tonight, the forecast remains favorable (20-30% cloudy).

Of all the Outreach that we do, I get the biggest kick out of this type of outreach.  5th graders, all now big enough to capably enjoy seeing thru a telescope, the joys they get from their first views of Saturn or M13, and teachers who can appreciate how this can inspire youngsters (and even themselves).

I spoke about our FNOH's at B-Siek, as well as the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  We finished right about 9:00pm and I was packed and out by 9:30pm.