Cuivre River Boy Scout camp, 10/15/2011

posted Oct 16, 2011, 3:53 PM by Jim Twellman
Another successful astronomy viewing at the Cuivre River State Park beach parking lot for the campers there last night. I guesstimate we had over 100 Cub
Scouts, their parents and siblings, and campers looking through four telescopes
that Mike Clemente, Jim and Yvonne Roe, Jim Twellman, and myself had set up. It
was very dark there and because the Moon hadn't risen yet, the Milky Way was
very easily seen. We were also treated to the International Space Station (ISS),
two Iridium flares, and a Russian satellite flyover. One of the Iridium Flares
was possibly the brightest I've ever seen, probably bright enough to have been
seen in broad daylight. Some of the objects viewed were Vega, Albireo, M57, M13,
M31-32, Jupiter, M27, M15, the Veil Nebula, The Double Cluster, and the Owl
Cluster. We pulled out around 10:00 pm.

John Sgouros

The event started around 7:45 with an excellent lead-in star lecture by Jim Roe.
The crowd was VERY pleased with the "Called Shots" on the mag -8 flares and the 
ISS flyby too.  The few stragglers that hung around until just before 1opm got to 
see Jupiter and its' moons for dessert.   We especially noted to those folks that
we do this "every Friday night" at Broemmelsiek. 

This beach location is far from perfect, but it is workable.  North-South is very good,
but trees block 50% of the sky East & West.  We had no real problems with traffic,
but had headlight issues with cars coming into the lot.  In addition to the Scouts
and their families, it was reported that we also had guests from the Sierra Club who
were also camping (at Camp Cuivre).      - Jim T.