Camp Tuckaho 8-9-14

posted Aug 9, 2014, 9:41 PM by Jim Twellman
At the end of a cloudy and rainy day, we started seeing some blue sky after 6pm.  ASEM club members had gathered for our meeting in Weldon Springs. Carl Turek and myself departed at 7PM and drove to Tuckaho.  We met Steve Boerner there upon arrival.  Due to the large crowd, we were asked to set up on the far northern end, about 100 yards past the bonfire.  This is not the best site for us, but was deemed necessary for the large crowd of girls this night.

The sky looked almost decent upon arrival (8:00), but by the time we got set up it was completely overcast.  We sat and talked for about 45 minutes, by which time we had the Moon, just now firmly showing thru the gauzy haze.  The first set of kids showed up and we showed them the Moon.  Soon thereafter, Steve managed to pull in Saturn.  These two objects were all that we had for the majority of the evening.  Toward the end, we managed a few other views (double stars Albireo, Mizar, Polaris, and Globular cluster M13) for a select few viewers.  Besides fighting the cloud cover and fog, it was a humid night and eyepieces dewed up regularly.  It was a bit of a constant battle keeping the eyepieces from fogging up!  Occasional headlights in the camp showed that we were actually "in" the fog.

Our last effort ended at 9:58pm.  We served an estimated 120 people, most of which where scouts.  They were pretty well behaved, and made it all worthwhile.  We regularly reminded them that we do this at Broemmelsiek Park on Friday nights, and invited them to come on out.

Jim Twellman