Camp Tuckaho - 10/17/23

posted Oct 17, 2014, 10:17 PM by Jim Twellman
Carl Turek and I handled this event.  The skies were about 30% cloudy when we arrived around 5:40pm.  By the time we were set up, it was about 90% clouds.  The satellite views gave the impression it would soon get better, and finally by 7:30 it did and the lines started forming.  A few scattered clouds still hung around, but it was mostly clear for the next couple of hours until we were ready to pack up.  It was not a perfect evening, but it worked out pretty good, and we had some awesome views most of the time.

We showed off the Milky Way and pointed out stars and constellations with our laser pointers.  I asked frequently (as the groups cycled in and out) if any scouts needed help with astronomy awards. There were a few takers.  The most frequent request was to point out constellations.

We operated pretty steadily from around 7:30 until about 9:30, with a few stragglers afterwards.  We showed the Perseus Double Cluster in Carl's 4" refractor most of the evening, the double star Albireo (beta Cygni) in my 8" SCT (courtesy of volunteer help from Joe), and M13 (the great Hercules globular cluster) in my 16" dob.  I offered occasional views of M27 (Dumbbell nebula) and M31 (the Andromeda galaxy) in the dob, but showing M13 was much simpler.  I hesitated to move up from 60x to 200x due to the added work of moving the scope along more, but when I did so I had to acknowledge that the 200x view was astounding!  However, the view of M31 was pretty soft (poor seeing), but it was very visible to the naked eye (good transparency).

We were told that the camp had around 150 girl scouts and another 50 adults and others, and that pretty well fit my estimate with the time that we spent.   We invited many of them to our weekly events at Broemmelsiek Park.  We packed up and were out between 10pm and 10:15pm.

Viewing thru the 16" dob:

Helping out on the 8" SCT:

Posing with the stars!

Viewing thru Carl's refractor: