Broemmelsiek Park event - July 17, 2010

posted Jul 20, 2010, 7:23 PM by Jim Twellman
The heat WAS pretty oppressive, but temps were manageable once the sun set. A rare breeze
was enjoyed, but there was no real reprieve. I was soaked from head to toe when I got home
and felt the full effect of the A/C.

Both the volunteers and those of the public that attended did so in spite of this sauna-like weather,
so all involved must have really loved astronomy.   Either that, or they were just plain nuts for being
there on such a hot night!
[ Guests visiting with John Sgouros and his 13.1" Coulter ]

The parks department noted a total of 59 attendees, including the volunteers as well as members
without scopes.

Among the items enjoyed were: Venus, Mars, Saturn, Albireo, a Herc (Ras Algethi), M13, M11,
M22, M57, M27, M8 (The Lagoon Nebula looked really good once the OIII filter was added), and
the 1st quarter moon, of course.

Among those who managed scopes that night were members: Jim & Ann Trull, Grant Martin,
Kirk Steinbrugge, Brad Griffith, John and Lynn Sgouros, Marv Stewart,  and Cyril Post, as well
as my son Mike and myself.   In addition, scopes were operated by Marc Arnold, Marty Crandall-Grela,
and Dave Koerner.Jim and Yvonne were big helps also. Yvonne helped to greet and to enlist help as
needed,  while Jim Roe helped fix the jammed garage door opener on the roll-off observatory, and
helped collimate the Star Master, which was off considerably. So, at least ten scopes.
We were fortunate to have a clear night for this event, although the heat was tough on everyone.
I am looking forward to some clear (and cool?) weather next Sunday afternoon for the 10-year
anniversary at Quail Ridge Park.  Hopefully we'll show some sunspots in addition to solar
prominences in our solar scopes there.

Jim Twellman