Broemmelsiek Park event - April 25

posted May 2, 2009, 1:49 PM by Jim Twellman
The weather looked very iffy to start, but we are a determined bunch!

Due to heavily overcast conditions at sunset, we lost out on Mercury, but Saturn proved a nice target, peeking thru the clouds for most of  the first hour. Then the clouds thinned to just the hazy upper-level cirrus. The public enjoyed views of the Orion Nebula (M42), M3 Globular Cluster in Canes Venatici, M35 Open Cluster in Gemini, M44 Open Cluster in Cancer and, toward the end,  the Sombrero Galaxy (M104).  The best stuff is always up at the end of the evening!

I think we had 8+ scopes/binos set up, not bad for such a gloomy forecast!  Scopes at this event ranged from big binoculars to large refractors, 8" dobs and SCTs.  Volunteers included Yvonne Roe, Marv Stewart, John Furlong, Brad Griffith, Kurt and Carol Steinbrugge, John Sgouros and his wife, Will Day and a friend, Amy White and some of her class, and myself. Our sign-in sheet showed 40 visitors. At least a few of these visitors had been to our events in past years ("return customers").

The wind was okay most of the time, but lots of gusts early and a few more later
on for short periods.

Visitors cleared out around 10pm and, given the high cirrus, we packed things up
and cleared out around 11pm.

It was not the best of nights, but we were still able to show some good views to the public.  We were certainly not 'skunked out'.  We considered ourselves lucky, considering the forecast.

The next public telescope event will be Saturday May 30 at Klondike Park near Augusta Mo (south St Charles County, off Hwy 94, near wine country).  Make a day of it!  The county parks department may still have some cabins left.  [For camping reservations, please call (636) 949-7535. ]

Jim Twellman

Will Day, John Sgouros and Mrs. Sgouros

Marv Stewart answering questions