Broemmelsiek Park - June 19

posted Jun 21, 2009, 7:09 AM by Jim Twellman
The evening sky was clear, notwithstanding the forecasts, and a strong breeze brought relief to the heat and humidity as scopes were getting setup around 7:30 pm.   Among those who brought scopes to this event were ASEM members Will Day, John Furlong, Marv Stewart, John Sgouros, plus Kirk and Carol Steinbrugge, a visiting scope operator, and myself.   Approximately 40 others from the general public stopped in to observe.   Yvonne Roe helped welcome folks in, which is always greatly appreciated.

Everyone enjoyed great views of Saturn early, around 9 or 9:30 pm until it got dark.  Later visitors were shown sights such as globular clusters M3, M5, and M13, as well as doubles stars like Albireo and Mizar, and planetary nebula M57 (the Ring).  These targets, however, were pulled from pockets of sky where the clouds weren't, as the sky was increasingly becoming blanketed as the sky got dark.  By 10pm the end was near, as lightning was visible at the western horizon, and the packing began.  All of us were packed and out by 10:30, and the rain fell in buckets within minutes.

The evening was far from a scratch, we had a successful event despite the shortness of it.    Saturn was the main event, but I heard some nice "ooh's" from folks on M13 and M5 as well. 

Jim Twellman

                                            Guests, plus John F. and Jim T. posing around Marv's 8" truss dob at dusk.
Jim Twellman,
Jun 21, 2009, 7:30 AM