Broemmelsiek Park - 09/19/09

posted Sep 20, 2009, 7:45 PM by Jim Twellman
The clouds were thick tonight.

With hardly a hole in the clouds, we still had 40+ people show up at B-siek (public + members). Seven (or more) members showed up:  Chuck Simms, Jim & Yvonne, Bob Judd, Don Ficken, John Furlong, and myself . It drizzled off and on. The observatory was open for "viewing" (of the observatory), and Jim Roe brought a projector and showed the latest Jack Horkheimer video.  Jim Roe also brought out the club's most recent addition:  the 14" Star Master.  It looked really sweet and I can't wait to see some views thru it soon.  

We spoke to folks, showed them the tops of telephone poles and the like in our scopes, and packed up around 8:15. 

A few folks showed up late to mull around and talk. A small hole opened up around Jupiter. We dug some gear back out and we managed to see a good view of Jupiter, with 3 moons and an Io shadow on Jupe for about 10 minutes.

We cleared out for good around 9:45.

I was amazed that with the skies as bad as they were, that we still had 40 people show up.  Despite the skies, the public got to see equipment and talk about astronomy.

Our last public session in association with the St Charles County Parks for 2009 will be Sat Oct 17 at KLONDIKE PARK near Defiance.