Broemmelsiek August 22, 2009

posted Aug 30, 2009, 8:13 PM by Jim Twellman
The weather for this event was partly cloudy, but it was fairly well attended.  Scope support was provided by the following members:  Jim Trull, Chuck Simms, Amy & Ed White, John & Lynn Sgouros, Brad Griffith, and myself.  In addition, several guests brought scopes:  Jim Stegeman, Tracy & Ryan, Ron Devintz(?), John  and Todd.  We had at least a dozen scopes plus the roll-off observatory manned.

Views shown included Jupiter, Neptune, Albireo, M8 (Lagoon), M27 (Dumbbell), M57 (Ring), Comet Christensen, and much more.  Approximately 65 guests plus ASEM members attended.    My apologies for any names I may have missed or have incomplete.

The next St Charles County Parks (public) event is Sat. Sept. 19.

Jim Twellman