Bald Eagle Watch at Hideaway Harbor - 2/28/15

posted Mar 10, 2015, 6:35 PM by Jim Twellman
It was a very cold morning, but there was a very good turnout by the public, around 50 people total.  Ken Gotsch, Melinda Simms, and myself were there with binoculars and one telescope, (ETX 90), to show those brave enough to come out an eagle close up.  One ranger, Bill, also had a small spotting scope out, and another person came out with a telescope for his own use.

We saw 5 or 6 eagles total, most were on the ice and hard to see, but several times one would sit in a tree and we would zoom in.  A young eagle sat in a tree for the last 45 minutes we were there, so my telescope was on him most of the time.

Two folks from the World Bird Sanctuary were there with an Eagle so we could really get up close and personal.  There was a large wood pile I thought would become a bonfire, but it turns out it was life-size eagle’s nest.

We all had to sit in our cars a few time to keep warm, and the parks department had plenty of hot cocoa for us to drink. It was cold but fun.

BaldEagleWinter (26)
Chuck and Melinda S.

BaldEagleWinter (6)
Ken G. at binos, and the ETX-90

BaldEagleWinter (50)
Ken G.