posted Oct 2, 2017, 8:38 PM by Jim Twellman
ASEM participated in the Total Eclipse with the St Charles County Parks at both Broemmelsiek Park (1' 35") as well as at Klondike Park (2' 14").  The parks were sold out for reservations (1000 each), but we estimate about half that number actually attended.  The heat, as well as traffic, were real issues and once the public had their eclipse glasses they were free to watch it wherever they wanted.  Weather forecasts for the St Louis area were less than great, and a lot of locals changed plans and bugged out to Kentucky and Tennessee.  Too bad, as the weather here was pretty darned great.  

Lots of great photos taken, I got to witness "Shadow Bands", the 360 degree "sunrise/sunset", cicadas going NUTS, as well as the solar corona and the super-cool ability to look at the Sun with a telescope with no filter, and see prominences without a filter.  Some amount of high cirrus clouds prevented it from getting as dark as we'd hoped.  Venus was easily seen before totality.  I noted seeing Regulus in my 80mm refractor during totality, but I recorded no other stars during totality.  It really goes by fast.

ASEM members helped other attendees observe the Sun, with sunspots, prior to and after totality. 

For more on these events, see the TSE website:  **2017 Total Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017**