**2017 Total Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017**

Updating this page to show some results from the eclipse. If ASEM members have photos you wish to contribute, please send to Jim T. 

Images from Klondike Park below (Click to get full-size) :

Kathy trying out the eclipse glasses.

The 80mm f5 refractor and the 8" SCT, with Baader filters.  The 80mm was a great tool for the eclipse.

Crescent shadows thru the colander.

About half the crowd on the porch at the Klondike visitor center.

to REALLY ZOOM in to your house, use this excellent site by Xavier Jubier:http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/solar_eclipses/TSE_2017_GoogleMapFull.html
In the above site, after zooming in, when you double click on "your site" it will show you how much time in totality your site will enjoy.

I hope to have new Eclipse videos here soon.  Some links to videos will have to do for now:

Eclipse images from Broemmelsiek Park (click to get full-sized) :

At the main park at Broemmelsiek.

BP Astronomy area - not the main gathering area.

Donna Reed's colander crescents.

Starting to get dark at mid-day at the astronomy park.

St Louis Metro Eclipse Preparation

NASA video:

YouTube Video


 --> When to use Eclipse Glasses ('filter'), and when to take them off??

A good map showing relevant SAROS CYCLES: