2014 Lincoln County Twilight - Cub Scout Day Camp

posted Jun 19, 2014, 11:25 AM by Jim Twellman
High humidity, 90+ degree temps, and intermittent clouds hampered this event.  About half the kiddos had left camp by the time we started, no doubt due to the toll of the day's heat.  About 35 were present for the stargazing session.  We started shortly after 8:30, talking to the kiddos about how these telescopes work.  Carl Turek brought his 127mm Mak, and I brought the 8" SCT and the 16" dob, the crowd could see the differences in each type of telescope.

We started displaying Saturn in all 3 scopes while it was still twilight, around 8:40.  As it got progressively darker, and in-between clouds, we also showed them Mars, Mizar, Polaris, M3, and M13. The clouds hampered constellation-pointing, and more than half the crowd left before it got really dark enough to present this with a laser.  I was able to show several scouts Leo, Ursa Major, Polaris, and Corona Borealis. Our hosts were nice, and Dave was a great help manning my 8". I could tell that the day had taken its' toll, but given that it was so hot I thought the kiddos did well.  As with other such family events, there were quite a few little ones that had difficulties "seeing" anything in an eyepiece.

Saturn was great for about the first 30 minutes, then clouds rolled and we went for things in the sucker holes.  It was pretty tough for a while, but the clouds started to dissipate around 9:30.  By then there were only around 10 people or so.  They got the best views of the evening.  We kept going until shortly after 10pm, and were packed out by 10:30.

Jim Twellman

Picture-taking time!

One "poser" in front of Carl's Mak.

The 127 Mak, the 8" SCT and 16" dob