2013 Family Camping

posted Sep 16, 2013, 7:25 PM by Jim Twellman
Amy White, David Lloyd, and myself arrived at Klondike Park Shelter #1 around sunset and found the air thick with smoke.  We set up as far from campsites and grills as we could, but it was still actually thick enough to taste.  It turned out that the Park Rangers were cooking some deep dish (?) peach cobbler in a camp fire!  Some was brought to us later on, and it was really delicious (but probably not offsetting the extra time I have yet to spend wiping eyepieces clean).  It probably wasn't all that bad, since none of us were spotting a Zambuto mirror tonight...   Still, I think we may need to move back to our "Old" shelter (#3) in the future here. 

In any case, we had our first 'customers' viewing the moon before it got dark, just before 8pm.  Amy brought her reflector, and David brought both the club's big binos as well as the club's 12" dob.  Over the next hour and a half a pretty steady line formed, and I believe we had around 75 look thru our scopes. I showed the gibbous waxing Moon, Albireo, M13, M31, and M15 thru my 16" scope, and showed constellations via laser and told related Perseus mythology to a couple sets of eager listeners.

The skies had a few pesky clouds, but not bad at all.  It was cool with a slight breeze, so no 'skeeters or other bugs to bother us.  We had lights at both far ends of the parking lot (not terribly bothersome with the bright moon out), and a great view of the red lights on the coal fired generating plant just across the river.  The view here is SO much short of the beautiful rock hills surrounding Shelter #3, but I have to admit that Shelter #1 gets more traffic from the campers, since it is the closest restroom facility to the cabins and camp grounds. 

The lines thinned out around 9:30 and we packed up and I was out by 10pm.