Summer 2010 Canon Pictures


 August 1.  Finally got some clear weather.  S&T said you could see 4 planets in the western sky.  It was tough, but I got all 4.  They are marked with lines.  Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn.
  One minute exposure down toward Carrizozo.  The stars are out, but there is a heat lightning storm in the mountains behind the town.  At the lower left are the subdivision lights that are the brightest thing in town.
 My first attempt at using Canon Photostitch.  Two 6 minute exposures, one of Sagittarius, one of Scorpius were photostitched together.  Taken with Canon 400D XTi using a 28 mm Olympus Zuicko lens. Corona Australis can also be seen in the photo.  Uploaded version is reduced from the original ~4000x4000 image. 
  What I like about monsoons; I have clear blue skies above me and am preparing to take some more Milky Way photos.  Today the rains are hosing off Carrizozo and I am a spectator. 
 The Milky Way in Scutum & lower Aquila. Note tha the bottom of this image overlaps the top of the one above.
This was a single 10 minute exposure. Same equipment.  There is a satellite in this image but it only crosses part of it and disappears.  Check it out in the top left quadrant.  
  Aquila Milky way.  As I move north you can see there is some overlap from image to image.  Aquila is flying south in the MW just ahead of Cygnus.  This was a single 10 minute exposure using the XTi and 28 mm lens.  I enhanced the contrast on this image versus the one to the left.  Not sure I like it as much.
 The Milky Way in Cygnus.  If you look closely you can see the North American Nebula.  Single 10 minute exposure; same equipment.
  The Milky Way in Cepheus & Lacerta.  I would have to change piers to go down into Cassiopeia as the shed is in the way.  This is as far as I go with this.
 10 minute exposure of Ophiuchus. 
  10 minute exposure of Bootes and a little of Corona Borealis.
 This is pier #2.  Pier # 1 also handles the GM8 mount and covers the parts of sky blocked by the shed. (It is on the other side of the shed.).  The tackle box mounted on the shed opens to allow controlling cables to run from the computer shed (warm room) out to the mount.  Pier #1 also has a tackle box pass through.  The dog is my faithful companion Vega. 
I have found 6x6 wooden piers work great and cost $23 including a $3 bag of concrete.  I changed the height of pier #2 this month by adding a 12" section of 6x6 to it.  It is the unpainted section in the photo.  Both piers have been here without problems working well for about 3 years now. 
  This is my Canon XTi mounted on the GM8 mount with the 28 mm Olympus lens..