Pictures of the Lunar 100, 51-75

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 The Lunar 100
A list of of interesting lunar features compiled by Charles A. Wood Ph.D.  They are arranged in order of ascending observation difficulty. These also prove to be a challenge to photograph.  Most of these will give you a larger image by clicking on the image.

I just found out there is a limit to the page length!
I have 18 of the 25 pictured so far (03/30/2011) 
  51 Davy Crater Chain
Result of comet-fragment impacts. Just to the right and above Davy, one can see the chain running off to the right.  Still working  on a better photo.
 08/20/2011, 4:30 am
  52  Cruger
Possible Volcanic Caldera
 53 Lamont
Possible buried basin
 54  Hippalus Rilles
Rilles concentric to Humorum basin

Click on picture to see full size where the rilles are easier to see.
 55  Baco
Unusual crater floor and surrounding area -
I am not sure what is so special here; I need to get a closer look!
 56  Mare Australe
A partially flooded ancient basin
 57  Reiner Gamma
Conspicuous swirl and magnetic anomaly 
Taken April 15, 2011. While the skies were bad and this isn't my best picture, click on it to get full size.  Because I caught it at sunrise, one can see the lava flows around it.  A very interesting shot!
08/20/2011: much better resolution on this shot taken on a waning gibbous moon at 4:30AM (ouch)
 58  Rheita Valley
Basin secondary crater chain
 59  Schiller-Zucchius Basin
Badly degraded overlooked basin
 60  Kies Pi
Volcanic Dome
 61  Mosting A
Simple crater close to the center of the lunar near side
  62  Rumker Hills
Large Volcanic Dome: I located this on a sea of rainbows shot I took a while back.
 63  Imbrium Sculpture
Basin Ejecta near and overlying Boscovich and Julius Caesar
 64   DesCartes
Apollo 16 landing site; putative region of highland volcanism
 65   Hortensius Domes
Dome field north of Hortensius near Copernicus
  66  Hadley Rille
Lava channel near Apollo 15 landing site
 67  Fra Mauro Formation
Apollo 14 landing site on Imbrium ejecta
  68 Flamsteed P
Proposed young volcanic crater; Surveyor 1 landing site.

 This description doesn't seem right. It is a large flooded crater in the Ocean of Storms. The Surveyor 1 did land here.
  69  Copernicus secondary craters
Rays and craterlets
 70  Humbodtianum Basin
Multiring impact basin
taken on May 22, 2010 near maximum libration.
 71  Sulpicius Gallus dark mantle
Ash eruptions northwest of crater
 72  Atlas Dark-Halo Craters
Explosive volcanic pits on the floor of Atlas
 73  Smythii Basin
Difficult to observe basin scarp and mare
 74  Copernicus H
Dark halo impact crater
09/20/2010, Orion 10"
 75  Ptolemaeus B
Saucerlike depression on the floor of Ptolemaeus
08/20/2011:4:30 am.  This shot of Ptolemaeus B catches a bit of shadow and makes the depression more visible.