Pictures of the Lunar 100, 76-100

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The Lunar 100
A list of of interesting lunar features compiled by Charles A. Wood Ph.D.  They are arranged in order of ascending observation difficulty. These also prove to be a challenge to photograph.  Most of these will give you a larger image by clicking on the image.

I just found out there is a limit to the page length!
I have 14 of the 25 pictured so far (03/30/2011) 
 76  W. Bond
Large Crater degraded by Imbrium ejecta
  77  Sirsalis Rille
Procellarum basin radial rilles
 78  Lambert R
A buried ghost crater. Seen here in a picture taken with my Orion 10" reflector.  Lambert R is seen south of Lambert.
  79  Sinus Aestuum
Eastern dark mantle volcanic deposit. On the east and southeast of S.A. dark deposits can be seen.  This is the same picture (cropped) as in L78
 80  Orientale Basin
Youngest large impact basin
 81  Hesiodus A
Concentric crater.  Click on the image to get it to full size.  Hesiodus A is the bullseye.
  82  Linne
Small crater once thought to have disappeared
  83  Plato Craterlets
Crater pits at the limits of detection,
9/20/2010, Orion 10"
  84  Pitatus
Crater with concentric rilles
 85  Langrenus Rays
Aged Ray System
 86  Prinz Rilles
Rille system near the crater Prinz
Orion 10"
 87  Humboldt
Crater with central peaks and dark spots
 88  Peary
Difficult to observe polar crater
 89  Valentine Dome
Volcanic Dome
 90  Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins
Small craters near the Apollo 11 landing site

I probably need a better picture here.  Armstrong can be seen well, Collins difficult and Aldrin is a bright pixel or two.
 91  De Gasparis Rilles
Area with many rilles
 92 Gylden Valley
Part of the Imbrium radial sculpture
 93  Dionysius Rays
Unusual and rare dark rays, both light rays and dark rays can be seen here.  Dark rays are to the right (2 o'clock and 4 o'clock)
  94  Drygalski
large South Pole region crater (I got its outline, but it is dark)
  95  Procellarum Basin
The moon's biggest basin?
 96  Leibnitz Mountains
Rim of South Pole-Aiken basin.  While there are 4 mountaint the lighting is such that only the top is lit by the sun.  These mountains are larger than Mt. Everest and located near the south pole of the moon.
  97  Inghirami Valley
Orientale basin ejecta
 98  Imbrium Lava flows
Mare lava-flow boundaries
 99  Ina caldera
D-shaped young volcanic caldera
 100  Mare Marginis swirls
Possible magnetic field deposits