Pictures of the Lunar 100, 26-50

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 The Lunar 100
A list of of interesting lunar features compiled by Charles A. Wood Ph.D.  They are arranged in order of ascending observation difficulty. These also prove to be a challenge to photograph.  Most of these will give you a larger image by clicking on the image.

I just found out there is a limit to the page length!
I have 21 of the 25 pictured so far (03/30/2011) 
  26 Mare Frigoris
Arcuate mare of uncertain origin 
 27 Archimedes
Large crater lacking central peak
 28  Hipparchus
Subject of first drawing of a single crater
 29  Aridaeus Rille
Long linear graben
 30  Schiller
Possible Oblique Impact
2nd image is a close up of Schiller taken
09/20/2010 with Orion 10"
 31 Taruntius
Young floor-fractured crater
 32 Arago Alpha and Beta
Volcanic Domes
 33  Serpentine Bridge
Basin inner-ring segment
 34  Lacus Mortis
Strange crater (Burg) with rille and ridge
 35  Triesnecker Rilles
Rille Family
 36  Grimaldi Basin
A small two ring basin
 37  Bailly
Barely discernible crater
 38  Sabine and Ritter
Possible Twin Impacts
 39  Schickard
Crater Floor with Orientale basin ejecta stripe
 40  Janssen Rille
Rare example of a highland rille
 41  Bessel Ray
Ray of uncertain origin near Bessel
 42 Marius Hills
Complex of volcanic domes and hills
 43  Wargentin
A crater filled to the rim with lava or ejecta
2nd shot is better view taken 09/20/2010 with Orion 10"
 44   Mersenius
Domed floor cut by secondary craters
  45  Maurolycus (happy face)
Region of Saturation Cratering
 46 Regiomontanus central peak
Possible volcanic peak
 47 Alphonsus Dark Spots
Dark-Halo eruptions on crater floor
  08/20/2011, 4:30 AM
 48 Cauchy region
fault, rilles, and domes
 49  Gruithuisen Delta and Gamma
Volcanic domes formed with viscous lavas
09/20/2010, Orion 10"

 50  Cayley Plains
Light smooth plains of uncertain origin