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 The Lunar 100
A list of of interesting lunar features compiled by Charles A. Wood Ph.D.  They are arranged in order of ascending observation difficulty. These also prove to be a challenge to photograph.  Most of these will give you a larger image by clicking on the image.

I just found out there is a limit to the page length and divided the list into 4 pages!
I have 22 out of the first 25 pictured so far (04/11/2010)

 01 The Moon
Large Earth Satellite
 02  Earthshine
(twice reflected sunlight)

 03  Mare/Highland dichotomy
Two materials with distinct composition

 04  Apennines
Imbrium Basin Rim
 05  Copernicus
Archetypal large complex
crater; improved picture added, 11/13/2011

 06  Tycho
Large Rayed Crater with impact melts
 07  Altai Scarp
Nectaris basin rim
 08  Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina
Crater Sequence illustrating stages of degradation

 09  Clavius
Lacks basin features in spite of its size
 10  Mare Crisium
Sea of Crises, sea contained in large circular basin
 11  Aristarchus
Very Bright Crater with dark bands on walls
 12  Proclus
Oblique impact ray system (left of Sea of Crises)

 13  Gassendi
Floor Fractured Crater
 14  Sinus Iridium
Very Large Crater with missing rim

 15  Straight Wall
Best Example of a Lunar Fault
  03/13/2011 4x powermate barlow, holey scope
 16 Petavius
Crater with domed and fractured floor

 17  Schroter's Valley
Giant sinuous Rille
 18 Mare Serenitatis Dark Edges
Distinct mare areas with different compositions
 19  Alpine Valley
Lunar Graben

 20  Posidonius
Floor Fractured Crater

21 Fracastorius
Crater with subsided and fractured floor
22 Aristarchus Plateau
Mysterious uplifted region mantled with pyroclastics
23 Pico
Isolated Imbrium basin-ring fragment
24 Hyginus Rille (2)
Rille containing  rimless collapse pits
25 Messier & Messier A
Oblique ricochet impact pair
Note the "butterfly" pattern similar to Proclus (#12)