New Mexico pics - 2012

 If you follow what is going on in the West, you will know that there are some big wild fires out there right now.   This fire, named the "little bear" fire is started near Ruidoso last week and is consuming
acreage at huge rate.  This picture and others were sent to me by my neighbor to the west.  My place would be about 200 yards to the left of this view, and its view of the fire would be essentially
the same.  The mountaint you see here is south of my property.  The peak you see here is named Church Mountain. Seems appropriate for a 'Fire and Brimstone' Sermon.  Those clouds are
condensed water from the combustion and extend to 20,000 feet.
 Last night (02/23) we had an exceptional sunset.  I got a pic that needed to be a panorama. The original image is 6000 pixels wide.  The reduced size one here is 2000 pixels wide
 and I need dual monitors to see it all at once. Here it is:
Our growing sacaton grass hedge is in the foreground.
 A few 135 mm lens images: