Moon Photos in Daylight

Using this technique high quality lunar photos can be taken in daylight while the sun is in the sky.  The advantage to this is one can take images of the last quarter of the moon at a more convenient time.  The photos on this page were taken between 7 am and 9 am on summer mornings.  In order to avoid a hazy look, and get a dark sky background the camera was a ZWO 120MM monochrome camera equipped with an IR pass filter.  Thus the image is the moon in infrared light. 

I have found through experience that most commercial telescopes have dark OTAs.  Try to use these in the daytime and differential heating of the tube by the sun causes images to be distorted and of low quality.  Grant Martin had a great solution to that.  At one of the diy meetings he introduced me to Lowe's rolls of reflective insulation.  I have used these to insulate my Mak-Cas and Orion ED80 otas for taking the pictures you see here. 

The image below was taken with ED80.  Two images (N & S) were taken 10000 frames and the top 1000 frames were used.  These images were photomerged in Photoshop CS3.  This is the first image I have taken that catches a bit of Mare Orientale (at about 11:00)  The surrounding mountains can be seen sillouetted on the edge. 

More images  available on my Flickr page

Insulated OTAs