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Both of my Carrizozo public cameras report to my weather underground site.  This has the advantage of presenting a continuous calendar of images and a quick video of 24 hours can be run for any day one wishes. 
My new camera at my South County home is mounted in the front window and looks out on Karamar Drive

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I enjoy my Carrizozo weather station so much I have installed a weather station at my south county home.   This was just in time to see our 109+ degree temperature today (06/28/12) . Click on the image to go to the weather station.

 This is the Mount Carrizo weather station image, which also lists a bit of the weather station output.
The Mount Carrizo camera which is shown on the image  as part of my weather station looks out our front window to the Northeast.  Click on the image to go to the weather station.

Since the "Little Bear" fire this year that was just 6 miles from my place, the NOAA requested that I reactivate my NOAA weather feed which I had discontinued for technical problems several years ago.  They use the weather data for fire fighting and had to go out to weather underground to pick up my station during the fire.  My oops there, I hadn't realized the data was used that way.  Anyway it is reactivated and is using some of their new features.  The weather and radar can be seen at:  John's NOAA page.  In addition they have a page for displaying site pictures at: Satellite & site pics.  My house seems to be on the edge of a high resolution and low resolution satellite picture.  Unfortunately you cannot quite make out the "Lazy J" in 6 foot letters on top of the 40 foot sea container. (Up and to the left of the house)  You can see all the walking trails on our property though. 


The All Sky Camera looks directly overhead with a 190 degree FOV. It automatically adjusts to the brightness and can take images from less than 1/1000 sec to 4 seconds to adjust to changing conditions. 

All Day, All Night, All Sky!!!!!!

One should get to see some great cloud formations day and night during the Monsoons.  (July & August).  Hopefully it will be clear after that.

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 The latest visitor to the allsky cam made a twilight dance for about 20 minutes.  Since this shot has him near the horizon, he can also be seen in the unwrapped version of the shot.  Very Creepy! 

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