C/2014 E2 (Jacques)

4/18/2014  -  We finally have some evening comets once again!  I observed this comet from Danville MO.  It was easily found at 61x in Puppis near M47.  It appeared nebulous, with a very slight condensation to center.  I decided to draw the FOV at 203x, in order to show some movement over just an hour.  I only drew the stars in the middle third of the FOV, as I did not expect it to move very much in such a short time.

I was surprised to come back in 53 minutes to see that it had moved almost half a FOV away.  It was really moving!   It is currently in Puppis, and is moving into Monoceros very soon (heading North).

Hopefully I'll have several more opportunities to observe this comet between now and August.  It may get to binocular (10x50) visibility in June and August.


I revisited this comet, post-perihelion by quite a while but now in proximity to Earth.  It is now putting on quite a nice show.   I got up early on 8/22/14 to catch it high in the sky, from my backyard at 5AM.  It was spotted right next to Epsilon Cassiopeia with my 10x50's.  This comet is looking very good now at 25x to 60x.  I might have to try some photos....

   (click on the below to enlarge)

Again visited the comet on Aug 23, 2014, this time from Danville, with 10x50's, 25x100's, and my 16".