C/2012 K5 (LINEAR)

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I had missed the prime time on this comet in the morning skies of late December, due to a bad cold and an unwillingness to drag out the scope in the morning hours and travel to a dark site solely for this one object.  Instead, I waited until we had a nice night at our Friday Night Open House event at Broemmelsiek Park.  I was afraid that I was too late to see any 'tail', but after several minutes of observing I was convinced that I could see the tail, albeit with averted vision and teasing it from the background.
It was found easily  just West of El Nath.  At low power (61x), only the pseudo-nucleus and a slight coma was noticed.  At higher powers (131x and 203x) the coma seemed to blend into the tail.  Both of which were extremely dim, but seemed to glow slightly against the sky background.  Averted vision and movement of the scope both helped to define the tail length.  Higher power definitely helped to darken the sky background.
This comet was moving very fast, and it's movement was easily detected within 30 minutes.
I pulled my 10x50 binos out, after knowing where the comet truly was, but was unable to detect it with binos from this site on this night's seeing.
Viewing this comet was definitely the highlight of the evening.  The temps were cold (40 degF at sunset, 25 degF by 9pm) but there was no wind.