C/2009 R1 (McNaught)

This comet had great promise, but unfortunately the weather was much less than co-operative. Skies were good enough to see it, but not good enough to either "see tail" from St Charles County, or to feel good about driving an hour north to Whiteside for darker skies to see it better.  At darker locales, it was reportedly seen naked-eye, with a very thin tail visible in binos as well as scopes.
My report is more mundane. The highest I could observe this comet without interruption from the morning dawn was around 20 degrees. Summer humidity and haze were present, whiich always makes it tough near the horizon.   I observed the comet 3 times.  The first and third observations were the best.  The 2nd observation was very difficult, and showed hardly any coma.  I did not observe a 4th time due to weather and decreasing altitude, as well as a realization that I probably would not get to see any more of it than I already had..
All my observations of this comet were with 10x50 binos.  This was one of my few AM comets.  I lost quite a bit of sleep setting the alarm at 3am, and got up to find cloud cover more often than the 3 mornings that I actually succeeded in seeing this comet.  It would have been VERY worth it to have seen a tail on this baby.  I bet I could have, had I gambled to drive north for an hour on that third morning at 3am while the clouds were still rolling strong.  This was a very small comet (coma) considering the 5.4 magnitude that I managed to see it at. 
All in all, I'm glad that I bagged this comet, and have some regrets.  The weather really was a bugger on this comet.
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