21P Giacobini-Zinner

My sketch, from field notes.  Two brighter stars at center of field, one with a small triangle of dimmer stars next to it.  The comet moved from almost equidistant to the two brighter stars, to being nearly in-line with the triangle next to one of the two brighter stars.  (CLICK on image below to enlarge).

My second observation, with 15x70 binoculars on Aug 28, 2018 at 3:40 AM CDT, with a nearly full moon (95%).  Perseus' arm pointed the way, as the stars in Camelopardalis are not bright.

Screen print, inverted, a couple hours later from TheSkyLive.com


My third observation, two days after perihelion.  Observed with 15x70 binoculars at 2:10 AM CDT, with no moon in a clear sky from Danville Conservation Area, MO. Located near the Eastern edge of the outline of the constellation Auriga, close to M37.  Found easily in 15x70s, slightly more difficult in 10x50s.  Also viewed and sketched at 60x with my 16" dob.